Dear  S dot,
I’ve been living with Ben for about four and a half years and when we first got together we were very active. We would meet out for Happy Hour a few times week, we had a standing date night each Friday evening.  On weekends we would get up early and go running then either go back to his place or mines and throw together a picnic basket or if the weather was poor we would cook together. In the beginning of our relationship the sex was passionate, he took pride in pleasing me and he didn’t stop until I got what I needed.
Approximately 2 years into our relationship we decided to pool our resources and deepen our commitment to one another by moving in together. The first 6 months were wonderful, not only did we continue our weekly dating appointments we added a few more our romantic life intensified! Things were wonderful and I was looking forward to the prospects of marriage someday.
I can’t exactly say when things seemed to shift, but Ben became less interested in Happy Hour.  Then our date nights became less frequent. Then I noticed things around the house were starting to slip like the trash piled up, he wasn’t as on top of keeping up minor household repairs. When we at home together he’s in his own world – gaming, lap-topping or napping.   Our sex is ok but to call our sex life “ok” in its self is a departure from my previous rating. When I bring up my concerns to Ben, he assures me that we’re fine and he seems to be surprised about my feelings.
I really love Ben and I’m hoping that we’re just in a slump but something deep inside me says we’ve lost that spark and I’m terrified of what will become of us if we continue down this course.
Please tell me I’m over analyzing.
Jennifer Jitters
My Partner is Complacent