Let No Man Come Between Us
Sara Kingston
Editor-in-Chief, IntimateResolutions.com

The primary reason why getting married too you or too soon is that you don’t have enough information about yourself and most likely the person you’ve asked to spend your life with.  The trend, for a lot of men, is to marry only after they’ve finished college, have a secure career path and they have become what they consider to be financially stable and perhaps have purchased their first home. In short, a man wants to feel that he is capable of supporting his family.  And once he believes he’s in a secure place he goes on the hunt for a wife. For most men seeking a bride is a very conscious decision;6a00e554e7f95e88330134880bb85e970c when they are ready, they’re ready. So begins the selection process.  He surveys women he comes across, carefully reviewing their portfolio: Degree? Check. No children? Check. Gainfully employed? Check. Ambitious? Check. Do my parents approve? Check!  Under it all he’s secretly comparing her to the one that got away and admits to himself that his bride-to-be is not the most attractive woman he’s dated, nor is her sexual creativity is what he’s accustomed to and she is not the love of his life, but she had a good head on shoulders and his parents adore her.

Once he has found a suitable match, one that meets his rigorous selection process, he doesn’t waste time drawing out the relationship, he proposes within a year, marries within two years.  And off he goes to start the next chapter of his life with his new bride and all that comes with her in tow.  After his second anniversary and not so subtle hints from the future Grandparents, the first child is born and two years later and second and third.  Things are great for the most part, he’s embracing his role of dutiful husband and father, his career is taking off and he still makes time to hang our with the fellas. Meanwhile his doting wife is rising in the ranks of corporate America, ever-present at the children’s extra-curricular events, running the home and up bright and early taking the children to Sunday worship.

Several years into the marriage his lifestyle has improved. Both he and his wife have had measurable levels of success, affording the family a beautiful home in an exclusive neighborhood.  They both have high-end luxury vehicles and the children are enrolled in private school. He and his wife have disposable income and can  spend without hesitation.  But lately his enthusiasm for going home has waned and not coming straight home from work but instead he’s making pit stops at the neighborhood bar-restaurant.  The first few times he sat a table had a few drinks and ate dinner alone.  As his comfort level grew, he seated himself at the bar and struck conversations with a few people that were sitting at the bar.

Let No Man Come Between Us