3 Simple Ways To Stimulate Your Sex Life
Sara Kingston
Editor-in-Chief, IntimateResolutions.com

Sex is one the most important aspects in a loving relationship. Oftentimes couples become sexually stagnant as their love life competes with the demands of works, family and other obligations. Because life can be so demanding at times, couples should make it a top priority to incorporate sexually pleasing activities in their relationship.


Remember when you first started dating each other? Chances are you were quite eager to please one another and you spared no position to bring on the ultimate orgasm. Think back upon the time when it didn’t matter where you were – pulled over in the back seat of your car your car, an afternoon delight in your office, in the closet during a lightning stooutdoor-sexrm, perhaps a pre-dawn tryst on your deck – you would take risk to grab a moment of quick but deeply satisfying pleasure. What about the time you were in the kitchen cooking dinner and he came in and mounted you from behind. I call that dinner before dessert!

The days of spontaneous sex don’t have to be over. Even if you’re not as bold as you once were you still can tap into that daring side of yourself. Keep in mind if you had to start over with someone new I’m fairly certain you would re-invent your sexual self. So get your sex remix on and tap into your “sexteryear” after all, you’re still the same freaky individuals; nothing has changed but your commitment to keeping your sex life alive and licking!


Ok, this one sounds like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at how many people miss this simple sexy opportunity to heat things up for their partner well before physical foreplay begins. Imagine: You’re at work going through a mountain of monotonous email and suddenly your phone rings. You’re on autopilot so you answer the phone in the standard corporate ease and to your delight there is a sexy voice on the other end telling you how much they’ve been thinking about you then proceed to describe to you all the naughty ways they would please you. The voice details a sexy dream they had about you from the night before and how you touched them with purpose and skill. Your masterful touch sent them to places where there was no escaping the pleasure. The sexy voice described an amusement park-like experience of pleasures and how when it was all over their body through slumped over in gentle rhythmic contractions. The voice continues by telling you how if they had not awaked from the dream they would have found the strength to return in kind the tremendous pleasure you brought them but since they couldn’t very well return to sleep and pick up from where they left off, they had no choice but to re-create the dream with a bit of role reversal.

Now your day is looking up and you’re looking down…at your watch because now you have a sexy reason to rush this day along!


Yes, that’s right, body shots! For some reason people seemed to think that certain acts of fun and excitement are reserved for certain places, times and reasons. I say there is no guarantee that you’ll visit those places or create those moments. However you will always have a reason to do a body shot. Just think about what’s happening during a body shot: A body shot is a sexual way of doing shots of tequila. Your lime is held in your partner’s mouth and the salt put on a body part (stomach, neck, breasts, etc) you lick the salt off of them, take your shot and then eat the lime out of their mouth (www.urbandictionary.com). Describe for me anything about doing a body shot with your partner that doesn’t seem both fun and sexy!

Ok, so if you are like me you’re not a fan of Tequila shots, but don’t let an aversion to bottles fermented agave plants with a worm on the bottom stop you from having a potentially erotic encounter with your partner. Get creative by experimenting with types of shots. If you prefer the sweeter side of alcohol you might try Hot Damn or Aftershock for a sweet savory experience. If you prefer mid-level but effective tequila you’ll enjoy Tarantula Tequila . But whatever your shot of choice is any reason to put your mouth on any of your partners’ parts is worth its weight in sensual pleasure. And let us not forget the age old question: How many body shots does it take to have an adventurous night of vague drunken sex? Let’s find out tonight!