The Kissing Room
Sara Kingston

One day I was sitting at the bar in my kitchen enjoying a late breakfast when I noticed a lonely corner in my dining room.  At the time I had a small apartment and I had not put dining room furniture in the room, just a few oversized decorative pieces on and against the wall.   And as I sipped my Mimosa a wonderfully sensual idea came across my mind.  I looked up at the beautiful wood beams on the ceiling and thought what if I were to suspend a few sheer panels from a beam to create a Bohemian/Moroccan-style canopy, put a bunch of throw pillows on floor inside the sheers and a dim nightlight the to give it a sexy, yet unassuming, ambiance.  Later that evening I begin to translate my vision; I hung the sheers, added the pillows and plugged in the nightlight.  I stood back and looked at my creation.  Looked cozy enough but something was missing; the room needed more texture.  So I grabbed a portable CD player, inserted a Sexy Sensual mix CD I recently created and placed it in an inconspicuous location inside the sheers.

I turn down all the lights in my apartment and all that could be seen was the illumination of the night light inside the sheers. I reached inside the sheers and turned on the CD player filling the space with smooth, erotically suggestive music. I poured myself a glass of Red, took a few long sips and crawled in the small space closing the sheers behind me.  As I lay there on the pillows I closed my eyes allowing the singing and spirits have their way with me. I felt wonderful!  I was very relaxed, but as the environment took over I begin to feel a bit frisky. “Wow.” I thought, “This would be an amazing place for a prelude to love making.”  My imagination created vivid images of L’homme de la nuit and me engaging in epic kissing sessions. I imagined the two of slowly rolling slowly in this room, kissing everywhere on our bodies that’s housed inside the space – you see, the sheers came to a stop just above my belly button and I strongly suspected that any man whom would have the privilege of an invitation to this room would be taller than me thus eliminating the likelihood of our tryst going any further than breathy pecking.

I opened my eyes, still feeling the sensual effects of the music and red, grabbed my phone and tipsy-dialed my favorite kissing partner, Michael.  After a few feints and dodges I invited him over. Within a couple hours I heard a much-anticipated knock at my door. I opened the door and was greeted by an attractive, sturdy man holding a bottle of wine, wearing a devilish smile and with all the promise of a night of passionate and equally yoked kissing in his big present eyes.  You see, there was no mystery as to why I invited Michael over to christen the room with me…together our kissing was rousing! And our compatibility in that area was just what this room deserved.

I opened the wine, poured our glasses and suggested that we sit in the living room.  We talked and laughed for a while and then he excused himself to the restroom.  It was a perfect time to dim the lights and set things in motion to arouse our passion. Upon his return I stopped him midway and escorted him to the small room I created.  I explained to him that this space was strictly meant for kissing – anyplace on our bodies that are inside the sheers – sex and conversation strictly prohibited. With unconfined delight and intrigue he readily agreed to the terms and we went down on our knees and crawled into the space, aligning our bodies and desire on the pillows.

And so begins the kissing session…initially, with tender introductory kisses then a gradual shift to less formal familiarity.  As the music and wine enveloped our senses our lips invited our tongues in to explore and tease. Our kissing became deep and deliberate, passionate and skillful.  As he kissed me, I quietly reached over his head and grabbed a slice of the oraniki-kiss-couple-man-woman-nw-suzies-mc3b3j-album-moudy-mmmm-erotica-stuff-comments-sexy-album-suseq-good-night-kissing-paare-romantic-cou-1ge that I cut while he used the restroom. Ever so slightly I parted my mouth from his, creating just enough of an opening, and squeezed the slice between our lips as we kissed. Michael responded with enthusiasm and vigor, kissing me deeper and more sustained.  His hands moved about my body as the orange juice trickled from our lips to our chins.  We collected the spilled juices each other’s chin and neck, the fresh-squeezed sweetness added a heightened layer of fervor to our kissing, thrusting our passion from our lips to my neck, his chest, my breast, his nipple, my belly, his buttons.  Through our passion we had a mind to replenish our thirst with the oranges, before long Michael took over the fruit squeezing – feeding me and collecting pulp and orange juice tributaries from my neck and breast.

We’re kissing, grabbing, moaning and having…Our kissing ignited and came an abrupt halt as our desires demanded that we collect our erogenous-laden bodies and move to room more accepting of what the sexual fates aligned for us that evening.  But before doing so, we relished a much-needed kissing respite and enjoyed a quietly contented moment, our heads spinning in amazement as we smiled at each other with our eyes. I touched his forehead with my lips and closed my eyes…and with that, The Kissing Room was borne.


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